ARCHYI, Bi-silque’s new brand for progressive resellers, architects and interior designers.

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ARCHYI. a new Brand for inspiring interior projects.

We develop our products based on…


ARCHYI. develops High-quality products combined with the company's knowlegde in this area.


Responding to the latest Interior Design trends, we decided to upscale viscom products, adding high-end design focus.


Attention to Innovation is an important value for our brand in the development of new products.


Creating and producing products that met higher standards of top quality, durability and high Functionality.


Over 40 years of industry Knowledge gave us the expertise for committing with higher standards in manufacturing.


We consciously have a company commitment for sustainable development, production and practices.

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Investing our team and manufacturer expertise we were able to challenge Architects to test new concepts and ideas, with our new brand ARCHYI., that result in intelligent collections with clean yet detailed and authentic design that will definitely change the way people look to work space products!

Export to over 80 countries in 5 continents


Whiteboards produced each day


Portuguese manufacturing and regional raw materials


Interior Designer

"I work mostly in commercial and office interior design. I like to consult with clients to determine needs, preferences, safety requirements and purposes of spaces. As I use computer-aided design and graphics software to develop detailed plans and 3-D models to show in detail the space décor, dividers, displays, lighting and other fixtures, to my clients. I advise on selection of colors, finishes and materials, floor and wall coverings, interior and exterior lighting, furniture and other important items, taking into account ergonomics as well as health and safety standards, alongside with style and unique high design appeal and functionality. I worry about costs and choosing the best materials for my projects. Having a great variety of colors and textures to choose from and match my client’s visual identity is extremely important to me. I also value eco-friendly materials, products and sustainable manufacturing."

Catherine Benetti
Interior Designer


"I always research online the equipment I need prior to its purchase, so I like products that have detailed specifications available. As I spend my days in construction sites or solving matters related to project execution, I rely totally on my smart phone to go online. A few years ago I would only be concerned with construction materials and some additional equipment, but recently as the industry has been changing I am influencing the final choice of products used in projects, particularly by suggesting alternatives to the one purposed in the initial project. I believe that sustainability credentials of products is and will continue to be very important. Sometimes, I work as a manager, a tradesman, employed by the client on the advice of the architect, engineer or even by the client him/herself."

Abraham Green


"When looking for products, I want to be able to find quick answers, and a wide range of solutions for up scaling my projects. Looking for solidity, functionality and beauty, I want to create environments in which everything works together, almost like in a Holistic system. I'm a good listener and a good decision-maker, that’s why that, even though my clients have the last word, I always recommend them to choose reliable products. I like to use solutions that worked good in previous projects, but also to innovate and try new and improved product choices. I look to be loyal to the manufacturers that they can help me reach both of these goals. That is why I believe in ARCHYI.”

Raoul Lee

Committed to delivering high
quality and innovative design solutions.