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Addressing Specific Needs and Trends through Inspirations at Paperworld Frankfurt 2019

Paperworld Frankfurt 2019 is THE office supplies and equipment tradeshow! And even though ARCHYI. is participating for the third consecutive year, this is the edition that we have been waiting for! Presenting solutions suitable for visionary office, that address people and workplace’s specific needs and trends is what defines our major inspirations and has been ARCHYI.’s main purpose since its creation.

Embracing the certainty that communication is both basic and an essential need, intrinsic to all living creatures, ARCHYI. focused on presenting solutions for modern and disruptive workspaces, making communication flow so naturally between live beings as it does in the wild.

As there is so much more to a workspace solution than just serving as an efficient communication tool or equipment, we have segmented our offer based on 3 guiding inspirations that emphasise the additional features that make every solution particularly unique.


scrita-writing-dry-erase-furniture-walls-portable tools- communication- extreme-flow


SCRITA, Workspace Design Solutions Where You Can Write Without Boundaries

Persistent creativity will not be governed by the clock; exceptional ideas don’t wait for appointments and won’t wait for you to have a place to note it down or work on it; compulsive inspiration knows no physical bounds.

We see the potential for more effective communication all around us – developing dry-erase products for active collaboration that set your ideas free and enable you to passionately share them with the world. This way, you can write down your ideas as quickly and comfortably as you like, directly on your workplace furniture, walls, and even outside the office!

SCRITA inspires highly functional collections that stand out for its sense of utility and authenticity – being elegant and simple in a way that enables it to fit perfectly in different decoration styles and environments.




BOSCO, Wood as a Structural Element for Stability, Natural Character and Beauty

Bosco is the Italian word for wood, forest, set of magnificent and majestic trees, and we chose it to name this inspiration because wood is the starting point and the structural basis of our elements. It relates our collections with stability, natural character and beauty.

Its urban and pristine look is influenced and inspired by the modern worker who seeks versatility, mobility and functionality but also cares about solutions that reflect a genuine design and contemporary aesthetics.  BOSCO collections were created to support collaboration while inspiring creativity and are composed by simple shapes and traditional materials, inspired in a handcrafted concept. The combination of superb wood details with other materials adds a natural yet modern feeling to any office, because, judging by the latest interior design trends, BOSCO solutions are ideal to add a distinctive character to visionary workspaces.



MUTO, Fostering Creative Collaboration While Creating Sub-Optimal Acoustic Environments

Today’s modern work environments create significant challenges in what concerns workspace noise and human capital management. It is rather well studied and documented that sound absorbent and acoustic control solutions in workspaces enhance workers’ concentration, as well as both physical and psychological well-being. Which ultimately results in productivity increase and a healthy, five-star work environment.

Muto is an Italian word that means “without uttering words or sounds; in a mute manner”. Serving acoustic and aesthetic purposes, MUTO products will ensure some privacy in any dynamic work environment, improving style, and helping to organise workspaces while eliminating distractions.

Through great design, our products follow the ultimate interior design trends, fostering a better creative performance and team collaboration while creating sub-optimal acoustic environments. Desk dividers, free-standing screens, wall or hanging acoustic panels will create a balanced and pleasing layout that reduces unwanted noise in all types of interiors. The development of the Muto collections enabled ARCHYI. to offer the most stylish, simple-to-install, flexible, eco-friendly, design acoustic solutions.


No matter if you are an office manager or business owner looking to improve your offices, a dealer, representative or supplier for workspace solutions, if you are visiting Paperworld Frankfurt next January, you really ought to pass by Bi-silque’s booth and get to know all ARCHYI.’s solutions up-close. Our team will be waiting for you at Hall 3.0 Stand C14, but if you want to assure their full availability for a meeting or a personal guide stand tour, go to our event’s page and let us know!