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ARCHYI. at Orgatec 2018-Curvo-collection-upgrade-archiproucts-design-selection-2018

ARCHYI., Upgrading Solutions & ARCHIPRODUCTS Recognition at ORGATEC 2018

Yes, the recognised platform that showcases information and inspiration for architects and interior designers about products, solutions, projects and brands, has selected ARCHYI. as part of Archiproducts Design Selection Orgatec 2018 for being an example of excellence, quality and innovation! Our stand will be signalised with the corresponding logo, waiting that visitors decide to explore our solutions and find out why ARCHIPRODUCTS gave us this honor!

Another exiting news that was supposed to be a surprise but is already creating some buzz on the media is that ARCHYI. will be premiering Curvo Willow® Glass Collection. Other super materials like Cork, PET fibers or Ultra Clear Glass are already on ARCHYI.’s portfolio. Nevertheless now ARCHYI. has developed to be launched at Orgatec an upgrade of CURVO Collection, using Willow® Glass, manufactured by Corning®, the manufacturer of the famous, and ultra-resistant Gorilla® Glass.
Willow® Glass is another glass with superior attributes, an ultra-thin, lightweight, non-porous bendable glass, and the perfect hermetic barrier to protect sensitive materials from moisture, oxygen, and staining.


Curvo Collection was upgraded with corning willow glass


ARCHYI. is definitely a brand concerned with design and the aesthetic presence of each solutions, but the expertise inherited from the almost 40 years’ experience of ARCHYI.’s manufacturer and mother company, also makes it a brand focused on functionality and performance. The introduction of Willow® Glass on Curvo Collection enabled users to have the chance to make the most out of Curvo Solutions, granting not only a durable, scratch and stain resistant extra smooth surface for impeccable writing, but also an even more sophisticated and sleek look.


Corning Willow Bendable flexible Glass


And it was certainly this attitude of constant search for improvement and innovation that led ARCHYI. to be part of Archiproducts design selection for 2018.

So if you are planning to visit Orgatec 2018, staring tomorrow and until the 27th do not miss the chance to check ARCHYI.’s work space solutions and why they are gaining all this recognition in stand D54 at Hall 11.2.