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ARCHYI. at Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

ARCHYI. Won Over the Audience at Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

ARCHYI. team has been working continuously and tirelessly since the end of last year to bring to life our new inspirations and concepts. The brand has come a long way in its first year, but we still felt like we were not communicating authentically the essence of our products and work… So, for debuting our new brand approach – and show the general public that ARCHYI is simply a brand inspired by nature and moved by the passion of creating solutions that genuinely improve communication, making it flow – the team has chosen the iconic Frankfurt tradeshow.

A Challenge For Our Team

Our participation at Paperworld Frankfurt 2018 marked the beginning of a new challenge for ARCHYI. team. Paperworld is one of the largest stationary and office supplies conventions, and this year, there was no contest. Proudly for us, ARCHYI. was a standout contender in this spectacle that showcased future offices utilizing traditional but innovative visual communication and office products.

Walking the aisles at Paperworld, rarely do you see a booth that makes you pause and take a second look. There was one though, that was definitely a showstopper. In one section of the large Frankfurt Messe hall 0.3, ARCHYI. surprised the visitors.

Presenting sleek and minimalistic collaborative workspace solutions – designed by Adriano Pereira for those who want functionality and high-end design in their workspace – ARCHYI. clearly focuses on showing how visual and acoustic supports can help communication and collaboration flow, taking it to a whole new level.

The Reactions to Our Workplace Design Solutions

The SCULPO line was definitely a standout piece and stands all on its own. The sound absorbing structures can work as a room separator, create a cubicle and second as a wall or ceiling decoration. The best part is that the whole thing is recyclable. The felt-like material is made from 100% recyclable bottles and the feet are made of wood that just snap in – no need for fixtures or glue. SCULPO is definitely a product that improves communication due to its acoustic properties while PICO peaks interest with its innovative, fun and trendy design – combining a whiteboard with wooden and leather accents. Though its best feature is portability.

Designed to set up and break down without breaking a sweat and without any tools, every piece of PICO fits together just right. The response from ARCHYI.’s visitors was a success. PICO impressed and picked up some friends – showing everyone what the futuristic visual communication will look like: cool, elegant and portable.

DOURO ARCHYI.’s premium collection has in its every piece the power to catch people’s attention. The beautifully thought wooden details on its products make it a truly sublime collection and impossible not to fall in love with it. Design furniture where you can write and truly let communication and ideas flow. Noting down all you need, without missing a thought, either if you are in a break room in a high top table talking to a colleague about a project, in your work desk focusing on a relevant task, or in a meeting room discussing ideas with management.

“Selfies” With Our Decorative Design Animals

ARCHYI.’s new brand concepts and graphic identity were also a success since our inspirations and collections colors and characters were appreciated by visitors as they approached to take “selfies” with our original products and paper animal friends. Trying to potentiate the message that communication – as well as silence – is essential and natural to all live beings we ended up promoting PaperTrophy innovative work in Frankfurt.

The future of office supplies is already here, and Bi-silque continuously pushes the envelope to bring the latest in technology, energy-efficiency, multi-functionality, innovative design to the improving communication business.

We had a really fun time at Paperworld Frankfurt 2018 and hope more of our newly made friends can meet us there next year!