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Clear Communication: the Key for Survival, Success and Efficiency

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much your life depends on communication? On how hard your life would be if you couldn’t communicate clearly with others? How would it impact your work and personal relationships?

It is truly almost a philosophical matter. Communication is crucial for our existence, our survival, as a person, as a human… as a live being.

Just look at Nature. All animals depend on communication to survive in the wild. Even when domesticated animals depend on how good they communicate. If a dog stops communicating with his owner we immediately know that the dog is incredibly sick or depressed. Of course we humans have advantages that animals don’t: we can communicate verbally, articulating much more clear messages.


Unfortunately, nowadays, the increasingly numerous and diverse information flows that hit us every day are making a lot more hard for us to retain relevant information and to communicate it efficiently enough to get our messages across.

The Power of Visual Communication

There are several studies that show we remember 5% of what we hear, 15%, of what we read and 80% of what we see and do.  That happens because it is also proven that 90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual. So if we retain better what we see, that means that if we want our message to get clear across, we need to illustrate it, to support it graphically, even if in writing.

From infographics to charts and presentations, the way we present things now is a far reality from the long boring meetings with long boring powerpoint slides. Pictures speak a universal language. Therein lies their great potential and power. Visual communication also offers a more engaging way to present and work with information, especially if dealing with raw data or a lot of information at once. Charts and presentations that are designed to be interactive and information that is presented beautifully can make a huge impact on the quality of an individual’s working day.

Today, with workforces becoming increasingly global, we need to collaborate and work together on projects in a seamless way, regardless of language barriers, time zone differences, and geographical distance. This is where visual communication support and tools really appeal. Businesses need to be able to use visual communication tools to assist staff in working together.

Communication, Understanding, and Collaboration

Optimized communication makes collaboration possible because it makes the transfer of ideas highly efficient. The real power of the human being is being able to socialize and collaborate with others at scale. This is what makes things like space travel, aircraft, and automobiles, electrical grid systems, highways and byways, ocean-going liners possible.

Workspace design solutions collaborative dry erase furniture

Communication makes collaboration possible, which then harnesses the power of a group to achieve incredible results. Seamless message enhancing tools make communication more efficient and leads to ultimate team collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

But efficient communication is actually hard to achieve, because even if we invest a lot of time working to make our messaging as clearest as possible and coming up with more impacting ways to transmit it to our recipients, it is proven that we all perceive messages in our own individual way, depending on our personal social and cultural background, life experiences, etc. That is why we need to always make sure that people with whom we are communicating really understand the message as it was intended to.

ARCHYI.:  Improving Workspaces for Fluid Communication

We have said it several times and we mean it. Our mission is to develop workspace solutions that allow people to communicate comfortably, naturally, without barriers.

Inspired by Nature patterns, textures and materials ARCHYI. design team, led by Adriano Pereira, designs collaborative furniture and communication enhancing tools that enable comfortable, natural and efficient workflows. Offering both unique modern design, extremely functional attributes and versatility of use ARCHYI.’s solutions help to keep relevant information, knowledge, and insights flowing and continuously being shared. ARCHYI. has a commitment towards continuous improvement and innovation, always focusing on details that can upgrade the products performance and user experience. The ongoing research and testing of new high-quality materials that can achieve new use possibilities, for instances substantially improving the quality of our writing surfaces. Visual communication supports like whiteboards – wall or mobiledry erase furniture and sound absorption dividers or panels, really do make the difference. Teams need to have easy-to-use tools and ways to assure acoustic comfort to guarantee that communication occurs in the best possible conditions.

collaborative-workspace design solutions- dry-erase-furniture-visaul-communication

That is why the type of furniture and equipment we choose to our workspaces is so important.  It can increase our ability to communicate and influence people if you learn, teach, talk, and express your thoughts and emotions efficiently. Today, knowledge is not the sole requirement for the achievement of success. A person may possess good knowledge, but his/her performance will be evaluated largely on the basis of his/her ability to communicate. Therefore, if you practice good communication, you have better chances of success in life and in business. As human beings, we think, we create, we do. But all these processes are only possible if we communicate.

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