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Evolving Concepts in the Rough into Premium Collaborative Workspace Design Solutions

New product development is a thorough meticulous process that ARCHYI. team takes very seriously. We are not assuming that others do not, but we have a slightly different process, since ours is based in launching concepts still in the rough into the market, before we evolve it into finished premium collaborative workspace design solutions.

We start as any other development team, spotting a necessity, something that is still missing in the workspace interiors industry. Then we search and research, we absorb inspirations, we brainstorm, we enter a quest for the best materials, closing the best partnerships to help us make our ideas into something real. And when we put all the components together creating the first prototype of a basic concept, we launch these 1.0 versions in the market, at tradeshows, events and at every opportunity we have so that we can have the chance to understand if it truly responds to consumers’ needs. This way we can really listen to the market and detect the edges we still need trim, the adjustments and improvements we can make in to deliver a premium solution can offer a better experience to those who choose ARCHYI.

evolving ideas in the rough into premium collaborative workspace design solutions

Making available solely high-quality, highly functional and sophisticated solutions, ARCHYI. is completely committed to inspire people to be more collaborative, connected and creative in their workplace, continuously presenting new solutions that meet the challenges of visionary and future offices. Moved by creativity, we focus our goals on functionality, design, fluid & authentic communication, never forgetting to address our customers’ needs, their expectations in the workspace.

That is why ARCHYI. presents the first concepts of what can become our next solutions with catalogue and website entry before their final version.  This way, we can receive precious insights to help us refine them into premium multi-functional solutions.

Our multi-functional VCB is a great example of how we work. It started as a rough idea of a modern multi-functional and versatile visual communication board that was able to respond to the needs of agile teams. Then the idea of what could be the perfect materials, attributes and features resulted in sketches of a promising concept and it was launched as a prototype in all events ARCHYI. participated since last March. After reacting to the market’s reaction and having a consolidated premium solution  its is being officially launched as part of Multi Collection, pioneering the way for a lot more solutions to come. Because, as we know, multi-functionality is an important key trend for modern collaborative office furniture.

Another visibly emerging trend relies on privacy and acoustic solutions that make individual focus and communication is easier, particularly in the large open concept offices that are trending for sometime now. Collaborative spaces needs certain conditions such as privacy, quiet environments so office acoustic solutions with a modern eclectic design that can also provide distinctive spaces are a must have in the ideal visionary offices of today. This was the reason that made ARCHYI. team underline the first sketches of  new SCULPO concepts that could help empower privacy and create sub-optimal acoustic environments in any workspace. That allow the optimization of workspaces and that teams work in perfects environments.

VILLA is born  to create perfect small meeting spaces. WALL BOOTH for individual focus, introspective moments or important remote meetings or calls. LCD STAND to divide spaces while providing mobility for an LCD and noise reduction.

Now these prototypes are going to be launched at Paperworld 5 days from now, and we will see if they will survive the honest trial and hard judgement of the market and evolve to become more premium solutions inspired by Silence within SCULPO collection.

evolving ideas in the rough into premium collaborative workspace design solutions

Innovation and optimization are an essential and constant part of any successful business strategy. That’s  why we follow this unconventional new solutions development process never  truly closing completely our solutions and assuming continuous improvement as part of our DNA.

Curvo Collection is a really good example that proves a solution is never completely finished. Once we discovered a type of glass with extraordinary attributes that could elevate the writing experience to a even more premium level we partnered up with Corning® to upgrade Curvo solutions with Willow® Glass.

We have the ambition, to keep up with the evolution and the needs of our customers and a passion for working persistently towards the optimization of collaborative workspaces.

Our ideas merge with the needs that we can find in our market knowledge allowing each idea to be applied and meticulously carved into concepts that are upgraded and perfected until they become an optimal solution.

And if you are, or plan to be near Frankfurt in the next couple of days you should not miss the chance to get to know up-close new ARCHYI. concepts at Paperwold 2019, starting on the 26th.

This way you can contribute with your opinion and inputs about these most recent prototypes and help us embody consumers’ needs into the solution developed cycle (while enjoying our surprises and celebrations)!

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