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Office Interior Design Trends 2019

Happy New Year, Happy New Office Interior Design Trends for 2019

A new year has arrived and the new office design trends for 2019 are popping out and being shared everywhere to inspire creations and innovation in all types of industries. As the world of workspace design is no exception, ARCHYI. team wanted to share with you, as a “happy new year” treat, the macro and micro trends that we are certain will mark 2019 and beyond.

Workspace design itself has never played such an integral role in the success of a business as it does today and that is why it is getting more and more important year over year, as it gets more and more complex.  With each year that passes, new technologies are implemented and new trends are adopted in office spaces around the world. The trend towards the optimization of collaborative workspaces will increase exponentially.

Innovation and optimisation are part of any successful business strategy. Successful companies keep a keen eye out for new, game-changing ways to gain a competitive advantage while improving the bottom line. This blueprint led to an influx of cutting-edge products and best practice innovations that help boost employee morale and wellness. Creativity-enhancement strategies, wellness initiatives and experimental design benefit the entire business. That is why, concerning trending workplace design solutions, in 2019 we will be witnessing an ever-larger spotlight on employee and customer happiness, maintaining a focus on all things green.

In this hyper-competitive workplace environment, attracting and retaining top talent is a key driver of success and a noteworthy workplace design is best way to achieve it!

Macro Office interior Design Trends

user experience office interior design trends for 2019

Design by: Maugel Architects, Inc. | Photo by: Keitaro Yoshioka

Focus on User Experience: Creating Experience-Driven Spaces

New exclusive spaces are appearing in the workplace, and these spaces should be able to provide a sense of individuality to the office. Whether visitor, client, employee or interviewee, the impression your office needs to make should be instantaneous and impactful. What is it in your office that makes it stand out from the others?

Google is known for its wacky offices around the world, with features like basketball courts with meeting pods shaped like assorted sports balls, or boats as seating places.

This is one of the fastest growing trends on our list and the thirst for experience in our everyday life boils over into corporate world (and beyond) with the new Experience-Driven Spaces movement.

Experience-Driven Spaces are designed to improve wellbeing, cultivate happiness, community-building, and boosting morale for everyone from interns to top-floor executives whilst representing the character of the company.

From rock climbing walls to espresso and cocktail bars, massage therapy and chiropractor consultation spaces, meditation areas, acupuncture and holistic medicine offerings, yoga studios and walking/jogging trails, game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces, corporate sports tournaments and active spaces (indoors and outdoors), to theater and music stages we are seeing these spaces becoming a stronger trend. Probably because including these experience-driven spaces in the workplace can help to promote your business both internally and externally. Visitors are more likely to snap and share photos, while employees are contented with a unique day-to-day work experience.

Collaborative Co-working: Perfect Cohabitation Spaces office interior design trends for 2019

Collaborative Co-working: Perfect Cohabitation Spaces

Co-working spaces were already booming in 2018, and now these workspaces will evolve in 2019 –and beyond – changing considerably.  We are no longer talking just about traditional co-working spaces, In the new cohabitation spaces, the walls are coming down and allowing companies to share the same space, resources, and many times even talent.

The core design features all serve the ultimate purpose of maximizing innovation, creativity, resource efficiency, collaboration, and flexibility. These open-format office spaces designed to attract millennials are nowadays cohabitation spaces that have evolved beyond the tech sector where they first had origin and are now being integrated into businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The days of companies trying to hide their business secrets or methods of production behind closed doors are outdated. Companies and customers are collaborating to drive the design process. The trend has been for companies to become transparent building trust and creating a design dialogue with employees and collaborators all around the world.

To create a bustling, collaborative co-working hub, you need to nurture a collaborative culture. And for that  you need to  consider all facets of a company and tailoring spaces accordingly. Organisation, technology and leadership must play a part in the process. This also means that organisations will need to adjust and design their physical workplaces with unconventional multi-use spaces, project designated zones,up to date technology resource spaces, dynamic meeting rooms with huge, mobile and multi-functional whiteboards for brainstorming, including meeting pods and shared desks, Lots of glass, lightweighted mobile multifunctional furniture, comfortable seatings, coffee and expresso bars, relaxation and introspection areas. Elements like these will ensure your space is conducive to business growth, which will help to attract a consistent flow of talent and visitors.

antique vs modern old vs new office interior design trends for 2019

Interior of Parliament’s Design Studio in Portland, OR

Old Craftsmanship & textures meet New Design Features: Antique vs Modern

This trend follows the cyclical phenomenon of fads and trends, bringing new life into amazing antique buildings, like dilapidated industrial structures or old warehouses, leading to the re-opening of new business parks in major metropolitan areas that were previously degraded and deserted.

These spaces are being innovatively yet unconventionally redesigned with elements that move them effortlessly into the future while maintaining its inherent connection to the past, balancing the ageless features of the old buildings with modern furniture, office equipment and decor. Mixing antique and weathered textures with smooth and soft textures, Old-world craftsmanship with Modern design accents, glass and metals, cutting-edge technological expressions and rough, worn, sturdy aesthetic,  traditional  handcrafted elements and wall coverings with abstract geometric  designs.

In fact, we are seeing abstract geometric patterns also rising as a micro-trend in office interior design. Nevertheless we find it more often associated with macro-trends like Old vs New and Biophilic Design.


Biophilic design by Bluehaus Group office interior design trends for 2019

Biophilic design by Bluehaus Group

Biophilic Design: Nurturing Nature is becoming a second Nature

Pro Wellbeing Office Design emerges because an employee’s mental and physical condition can have a huge impact on his or her performance. Promoting good health and wellbeing in the workplace now has to become a second nature.

Studies have proved that introducing natural elements to your office has a positive impact on mental health. Biophilia can include walls of foliage, plants, exposure to natural light, natural textures and any elements that connect us to Nature. Biophilic design, at its core, uses nature as an architectural framework to weave the patterns and forms of nature into the built environment with textures, patterns, natural lighting, and live plants.

Biophilic design trend is reaching its true pinnacle, the point where “fashionable” has been transcended and the trend becomes firmly embedded in the design philosophy of the culture and has become “second nature” to us, as fundamental to a design concept as windows or staircases in building design.

Including this trend on the list for 2019 is proof that the architectural and interior frameworks associated with the designs continue to evolve in new and fantastic ways. This is a very encouraging position to be in for those who work in office buildings, since designs of the future are finally taking the needs of those working within the workspace’s walls into consideration.

Besides living green walls, the use of lots of plants, natural materials – biomorphic forms & patterns such as wood and stone, and all kinds of visual connections with nature – the concern for assuring natural lighting, thermal comfort and high-quality ventilation, is also making certifications like WELL, FitWel  and LEED gain increasingly more and more importance.

relaxation recharge wellness office interior design trends for 2019

Google Offices

Relax, Rest and Recharge: Spaces for Wellness and Happiness at Work

Sitting too much is bad for your health, as well as spending too much time in the same position. Having the option to stand while working is the natural solution, using height adjustable furniture and office equipment is proven to bring health benefits like reduced back pain, a lowered risk of heart disease and improved energy levels.

But ergonomic or multi-functional office equipment is not the only manifestation of a larger wellbeing trend. Breakout and restoration spaces are also a relevant part of this major trend.

Breakout areas are now an absolute necessity in the successful office. These are not only an attraction for new talent but overall retention is significantly supported by improving employee satisfaction levels. These recharge rooms can function as relaxation spaces for mental and physical rejuvenation. Areas for meditation, yoga, power naps and electronic-free zones, gaming areas – with ping pong table, snooker table or an arcade machine – can instill a sense of relaxation, fun, and encourage employees to exercise.

Adding confort elements like bean bags, booths, lounge chairs and a homey vibe can double as both relaxation and agile work spaces. Often you can expect cross-departmental collaboration to occur, encouraging communication and idea-sharing – an absolute must for creative industries. Allowing employees to take time away from their desks to reenergise is fundamental to receiving maximum productivity levels. Pair these areas with a teapoint or juice bar and you can expect to double your wellbeing score, alongside improving your visitor experience.

ecycled materials and spaces by Cunningham Group Architecture sustainable office interior design trends for 2019

Recycled materials and spaces by Cunningham Group Architecture

Sustainability Branding & Commitment:

Nowadays companies are expected to participate in the fair trade economy by purchasing materials from small businesses, local artists and designers, and by sourcing materials from small business vendors. Office spaces are not spared from these growing localized sustainability initiatives, and it is expected to see more and more organic and earth-based products popping up in workspaces.

In an effort to align themselves with the trends of the times, companies are playing a more active role in sustainability efforts, mostly concerning environmental initiatives that benefit not only the planet but also their brand. More and more companies are taking up the cause and devoting themselves towards a greener, more sustainable future, ensuring that customers and employees are aware that the business is committed to make a change.

Consumer demand for corporate social responsibility continues to increase, favoring brands doing more over those doing nothing. For this reason, companies are using greenery and other biophilic elements as well as recycling – or even better upcycling, spaces, and other wise company wasted, ressources and materials – to differentiate their brands. By integrating natural cues or accents into workspaces- furnishing office spaces with sustainably-sourced materials and integrating biophilic elements into the interior and exterior of their offices, and into design – companies are actualizing their mission statements and sustainability goals.

Office interior design trends for 2019

Park Life at HOK, London

Hoping you found this article useful and insightful, we end this office interior design trends preview for 2019 with the promise of keeping our readers posted throughout the year, regarding these topics. Nevertheless ARCHYI. will be presenting its collaborative workspace design solutions live at several events, starting on the 26th at Paperworld Frankfurt. Visit us to discover all the trends that inspired our creations.


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