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How to Use Evolved Multi Functional Boards to Increase Productivity and Motivation in the Workplace

The culture of work has changed. And now it’s all about being collaborative, flexible and adaptive. And productivity and motivation in the workplace requires comfortable and inspirational workspaces.

People feel inspired and comfortable in different kinds of spaces, since we are all different too, so employers need to create a diversity of inspirational spaces that go way beyond the traditional desk workstation, lounge areas or meeting rooms.

To adapt to this new reality, and in order to meet all requirements of the evolving modern workspace, traditional boards also had to evolve. Now boards need, at least, to allow teams to create their tailor-made Kanban boards and simultaneously have on display all things relevant: List and stage of each task that concerns all projects team members are working on, Team member priorities and eventual blockages or setbacks.

A board cannot no longer be only about posting, pining, and writing or rewriting information, it has to be versatile mobile and multi-functional, adapted to the challenges of the modern lean, agile, collaborative and comfortable workspaces that potentiate these new ways of work.


These type of boards are also the perfect solutions to rationalize the existent free space, saving space, time and money. Portability and mobility are key concepts in today’s work environment. It allows the usage of the same board to organize quick daily meetings to check and take notes on work progress, and note teams feedback, and also to display “to- do”, “in progress or development”, “testing” or “done” lists, share define objectives and key features prior to each sprint.

These new and improved intelligently designed multifunctional boards, represent the evolution of office easels and plain whiteboards as they were specially designed to help teams increase, and maintain, their productivity and motivation levels. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

1. Keep Individual and Team Goals Visible and Measurable

Visible and measurable goals are easier to complete. Small and clear goals per opposition to huge, complex or unrealistic ones. It can be extremely demoralizing to work on a project that seems it doesn’t have an end. Allowing teams to see what really needs to be accomplished and get done helps to keep them focused and motivated. Being able to visualize the progress of a project, and the individual contribution for the overall group achievements will boost team’s motivation. Remember, your goal is to improve motivation. So, being able to give your team clear tasks and deadlines – keeping it at all times visible – will give them the possibility to always work aligned with the entire team, while advancing in their own tasks in their own way.

2. Encourage Teamwork and Team Efficiency

When teamwork is flowing at its best, wonders can be done and achieved. In today’s modern collaborative workspaces, unfortunately many workers still struggle to work efficiently together with their colleagues, and to feel one hundred percent part of the whole business, global team effort.

“Two heads are better than one”. This popular expression has been around for a while and clearly states the importance of teamwork when it comes to work efficiency. Nevertheless for this to happen you need to assure the conditions for efficient communication and professional motivation to flow, creating different daily team work dynamics that can encourage team unity. Multifunctional boards are the perfect tool to implement and help bring to life these engaging and enriching dynamics.

3. Create Practical, Adaptive and Inspirational Workstations

Filling the walls with writing boards, or cork notice boards, can really be a great options to motivate workers to communicate, share and develop ideas and experiences, particularly in breaks rooms, common halls or other socializing areas. Nevertheless, for practicality purposes Multifunctional mobile boards become particularly handy for brainstorming, project development or creativity lab areas, but these can also be quite useful for supporting individual desk areas where employees can pin, write or post their personal schedules, priorities, reminders or event small pieces of their personality and life.

4. Always applaud and celebrate successes

Setting goals is a fundamental step. Applauding and celebrating successful results –for instances, whenever an achievable goal is conquered and a project moves on to the next step – teams feel their work is, actually, making a difference. This helps not only strengthen individual professional pride, motivation as well as team strength, spirit and unity. It’s essential for individuals and teams to see their contributions recognized and to feel that they helped a project, organization or business move forward. Feeling that your job is appreciated is one the most overwhelming and great feelings a worker can have. So really highlighting all smallest individual successes in a board that can go through the entire workspace, helping to spread the news is a great way to assure everyone keeps track and is on board with the celebration of every achievement.


Motivated teams perform better and help productivity levels increase significantly. Workplaces had to evolve to assure the ultimate conditions to address emerging challenges of the modern world of work. So workplace essentials also had to adapt, become, more versatile and hybrid.

ARCHYI. Prototype multifunctional board

Multi functional mobile boards being developed today are not only one of the most effective way to map a brainstorms, get ideas across, and keep all the information visible, easily updated and organized at all times, they are also useful to divide space, and, of course, to help boosting productivity and motivation.