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Need some work privacy during your summer vacations?

Summer vacations are here! Time to relax and unwind, but we are not always able to do it fully, due to some pending work or last-minute situation that requires your attention, during the period you are on vacation, in a hotel, far from your office.

Need some privacy and silence to make phone calls in crowded or in noisy environments such as hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, stations, etc.? If you need a place to have a little privacy and sound insulation that allows you to focus on your professional tasks, we have the ideal solution for you under ARCHYI. brand – Villa Sculpo. Allows you to make that professional getaway on your vacation.

When we have sustainability in mind it’s imperative to choose materials and products with the lowest environmental impact. Villa Sculpo is made with sustainable materials. Choosing solutions with innovative materials such as PET fiber helps reducing waste from PET bottles as well as to provide acoustic and thermal comfort. PET is also fire-retardant and allows you to use it as a push-pin surface to highlight the relevant information.

Villa Sculpo can be used as an individual workstation, small meeting room or even as a relaxing area. Due to its materials with sound-absorbing properties, provides a quieter or more private space, while ensuring better collaboration and communication. The Tile Villa (optional), allows you to take notes, post information, and share your ideas. Can be used on any wall of the Villa, or be simply removed, due to its easy mount panel system.

With an attractive design, it creates an aesthetic solution that fits any modern and versatile space. The Villa is available in two versions: open and closed. Helps to create space within space and can be used for several purposes, according to the user’s needs.

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