ARCHYI, Bi-silque’s new brand for progressive resellers, architects and interior designers.
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A new brand was born – ARCHYI.

Counting down to launch our new brand!

Organizational and individual needs are in a constant state of change.

Nowadays technology and business are constantly evolving and changing the way people work and collaborate. Well-designed workplaces should be flexible and versatile enough to adjust to this continuously changing environment.

Whether it’s brainstorming an idea or website development the average worker spends half of his or her time working with others. With this in mind, we develop efficient solutions for addressing these challenges. Mobile, modern visual communication, sound reduction solutions and collaborative furniture products that fit any office design or type of space. Our goal is to develop more options to enable engagement, innovation, while inspiring creativity.
A global movement of simplicity and collaboration is redefining our work environments. Bi-silque with our Archyi collections aim to meet those needs in order to enrich employees work experience, development and personal well-being.

Thinking in the majority of Interior Architects and Designers out there, responding to those trends we decided to upscale viscom products, with a much expected and desired category expansion: The launching of an unique brand with inspiring collections: ARCHYI.