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No More Barriers Allowed: Collaborative and Versatile Workplace is “the new black” for the Modern Office Space

The landscape of the workplace is changing more than ever. For ages office spaces meant no more than lonely cubicle. Then, recently, walls have fallen down and a new era arrived: the open- plan collaborative and versatile office.

The concept of co working spaces was not new. Nevertheless, within the last years, this notion has taken hold across all industries. Its purpose is very simple: bring people together, enhance collaboration and, simultaneously, save money as well as space. But it’s a fact that employees, no matter the industry they are working in, tend to be more productive in spaces that make them feel more comfortable. And the recent intense competition for talent retention across all industries has made even more crucial the act of thinking and creating a proper, happy and successful collaborative workplace.


Versatile modern offices for versatile modern workers

Open office spaces have definitely been a success. But, to bring it to a whole new next level, it’s essential to establish different spaces for diverse purposes and functions. Brainstorming, projects development, social break out and private, quiet areas should co-exist in separated spaces across the office. This method will allow employees to feel valued like they belong and truly are part of the whole.

Break out rooms and other social interaction spaces are a great solution to improve interpersonal relations and consequently teamwork. Employees will feel more connected to each other and will work better together in open and active environments. The great majority of us actually feel more productive working with other people. And, more important, it can also be more cost- effective.

Nowadays, an office worker can be – and is increasingly more often- mobile. And we are not just talking about wandering around the globe or around town, due to business affairs. Offices need mobility to be a key, thus positive, feature inside their multifunctional spaces. New ideas can pop up in every corner. So, why hold employees in front of their desks?


Optimize the Office Space with Inspiring, Versatile High Quality Visual Communication Products

Open spaces mean rationalize all the existing free space. Hanging dry erase boards on empty walls can be an efficient solution. More versatile visual presentation aids like mobile two-sided rotating whiteboard can be the perfect time and space saving solution.

Nowadays, optimum creativity and true focus can be hard to reach. The constant chaos and confusion in the office’s environment is definitely tough to deal with. Filling the office with whiteboards displaying all relevant information concerning ultimate priorities, particularly in unlikely spaces, is a simple way to keep the employees focused on what matters most. Having comfortable thinking spaces, away from the fuss, will truly help employees keeping it (crucial information) together.

Finding the best office design solutions to enable engagement and collaboration, while inspiring creativity, thus innovation, is unavoidable and compulsory.


Multi- functional Collaborative Furniture

The modern workplace is established by dynamism, flexibility and collaboration. Practical stylish furniture solutions that are handy as they are visually attractive are the right solution for today’s collaborative office.

Decorating your office with multi- functional exclusive furniture pieces, with different lines, materials and colour options will help you take advantage of all the potential that furniture can have in an office and is a new compelling way to rationalize space.

Investing in a desk or table that is also a writable whiteboard is a great option for when you need to save wall space or are limited by a translucent glass wall, for instances, but also must carry out a brainstorm meeting comfortably in a group.

Acoustic solutions can also enable you to post relevant information and rationalize space while offering more comfort and privacy. Open offices mean no barriers. And no barriers mean noise, distractions, lack of privacy and focus. Which is basically the main problem of today’s modern offices and it influences negatively employee’s productivity. Sound absorption or noise reduction is the answer to this unpleasant and incapacitating issue. Acoustic solutions that transform and convert the sound energy into heat due to certain extraordinary features can be found in special materials like cork and PET fibres.

These acoustic barriers can be found in the form of ceiling, wall pieces or even free- standing dividers. In addition, to avoid sound from spreading through a room, free- standing dividers also ensure privacy while helping to define the office layout with the proper space delimitations. Nothing is outrageous. Everything in an office should have the purpose of improving its spaces without compromising the personal interaction each employee has with it and contributing to a better workplace environment.

Imagine working at an office where you can feel the creativity flow and collaboration resonate. The modern collaborative office is a space where ideas can freely be born and where any team member can comfortably feel their imagination spark. Smart, healthy, and efficient workplace design is essential for increasing collaboration and productivity levels, but smart collaborative tools that aid teams potentiate both the workplace and workers capabilities are undoubtedly a quick-win when it comes to improve and optimise offices.