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Office decoration trends 2018

Office Design & Decoration Trends for 2018

Businesses worldwide are marching into the future, reinventing the commonly held perceptions of office space. The conventional workspace is being phased out in favour of connected spaces that encourage innovation and collaboration while still championing personal identity.

The digital age has transformed the way we work and the space needed for traditional paperwork is turning into an unnecessary luxury. Lots of space is not always an advantage, in fact, it could be the opposite, and an area that does not support your processes could even hinder them.


Building in flexibility and giving workers the opportunity to choose where they get their work done. This year we will see how corporate co-working will continue to grow and become a norm among companies of all sizes and types improving organization, workflow, and employee satisfaction. Underutilized meeting rooms can be transformed into break out areas, communal domains, and quiet rooms, making more productive use of space and visual communication, promoting interaction.

Transforming the workspace to reflect companies’ attributions and ideals, also instils a sense of togetherness, encouraging productivity, engagement, and overall happiness. Being more comfortable not only helps accomplish tasks, but it will also have the team looking forward to coming to work every day.


By reasoning the use of space, you can achieve a more comfortable, efficient and productive workplace. The best result is achieved when the personnel are invited to participate in the process. It is also possible to use this chance to implement new, more efficient ways of working. When it comes to work environments, it’s better to focus on the quality instead of the quantity.


There is no denying that the workplace in general has undergoing a complete makeover. Companies have started to see the value of collaboration and are finding ways in which to drive and encourage group action. Changing the layout or design of an office isn’t just about improving productivity; it’s also about making the work space an inviting and enjoyable place for everyone to spend their working week. Collaboration has been linked to innovation and creativity, two aspects that are essential for any company and product to be successful and sustainable.

Team members will really appreciate flexibility and a company’s openness to innovation and adaptation as the working world changes. It can promote a feeling of value, distinguishing them from a robot. This is viable with companies of all sizes and, exemplifies the integrated connection between office space and development.

There is a conscientious approach to smart office layout and design: from modern office furniture to ergonomic conference chairs to integrated tech and quiet spaces. The brand of the company is centred round a spirit of inclusion, connectivity, creativity and innovation – and this is supported, in every sense, in the way their spaces are designed.

Incorporating Technology

Areas with touchdown spaces such as mini conference tables in each department also foster spontaneous conversations that can develop into inspiration. Furnishing these areas with comfortable seating and technology ports incorporating cutting-edge technological solutions that can make your workspace more efficient and comfortable for the end-user giving rise to creativity that can happening at any time.


There is a conscientious approach to smart office layout and design: from modern office furniture to ergonomic conference chairs and integrated tech providing an inviting environment that is more attractive and hi tech. Sure, those starkly designed minimalist rooms look cool, but they also look lonely, which won’t do for a generation used to a constant stream of input and stimuli.

A little bit of home in the office

Home in the Office

Mobile working is on the rise as most office workers don’t need to physically be in the office to do their job, but the still seem to be most productive when they are though. That’s why employers are undertaking a fundamental shift in their approach to office design. The main goal is to create the workplace where people want to be.

Modern office designs are created to engage employees by appealing to their senses, giving them the choice of where and how within the workplace they want to work. Personnel are in a continual search of a better work environment and some are even willing to settle for slightly less pay if the workplace feels like a home away from home in the truest sense.

Light and smell affects motivation and attitude as well. The impact of an aroma placed around the office or improving the lighting could unlock new levels of engagement. Nature is now being brought into the environment; plants aid concentration, increase wellbeing, and remove contaminants. Living walls and fountains as well as comfy sofas and relaxed seating are gaining popularity.

Wellness in the workplace

A trend that has not just made waves in the world of office design, but in countless areas of modern life, is wellness. The pursuit of health and well-being has huge ramifications when it comes to the workplace.

Wellness in the office

Wellness programs can represent a fantastic way for businesses to focus on the comfort and health of their employees, promoting increased physical and mental health, establishing greater engagement and improved efficiency. Work gyms and breakout spaces supplying complimentary refreshments and healthy goodies can do wonders for creativity within the workforce.

As new technology emerges, and a new generation of employees enters the workplace, their expectations are differing from their predecessors, so, to maintain their loyalty and commitment businesses need to find ways of ensuring that, from the moment they walk into their offices, their aspirations are being met in the most efficient ways.


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