ARCHYI, Bi-silque’s new brand for progressive resellers, architects and interior designers.
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Have you ever really stopped to think about how much your life depends on communication? On how hard your life would be if you couldn’t communicate clearly with others? How would it impact your work and personal relationships?

It is truly almost a philosophical matter. Communication is crucial for our existence, our survival, as a person, as a human… as a live being.

Our collaborative workspace design solutions were presented at the fifth OPI Partnership – an event that every year brings together senior executives from Europe’s reseller and vendor communities for strategic one-to-one meetings – that took place last week at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam from 5 to 7 March.  And ARCHYI. did draw some interesting attention, particularly due to our most recent prototype.

The European Office Products Awards 2018 – firmly established as the ultimate praise for businesses operating in Europe – were also part of OPI Partnership event. Bi-silque was amongst the winners, honored with the Vendor of The Year Award. Last week was indeed a great week for us!

ARCHYI. team has been working continuously and tirelessly since the end of last year to bring to life our new inspirations and concepts. The brand has come a long way in its first year, but we still felt like we were not communicating authentically the essence of our products and work… So, for debuting our new brand approach – and show the general public that ARCHYI is simply a brand inspired by nature and moved by the passion of creating solutions that genuinely improve communication, making it flow – the team has chosen the iconic Frankfurt tradeshow.

“The Future Office” is the theme for this year’s edition of Paperworld. What does a “Future Office” look like and how does it work? Are we talking about a shiny and futuristic design or about a practical and efficient design? All of these questions will be answered on Paperworld 2018, where visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the trends for office design and to celebrate the inspiration of architecture and design.