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Paperworld 2018

Paperworld 2018 – Trends for the Office of the Future

“The Future Office” is the theme for this year’s edition of Paperworld. What does a “Future Office” look like and how does it work? Are we talking about a shiny and futuristic design or about a practical and efficient design? All of these questions will be answered on Paperworld 2018, where visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the trends for office design and to celebrate the inspiration of architecture and design.

Paperworld Inspires the Future Office

Besides the cultural fusion at Paperworld, it is notorious the ever-inspirational effect that the fair produces on its visitors. The event has been hosted all over the world from Europe to Hong Kong and even Dubai. The common trait shared by its visitors is the search for functional products made from natural materials and with a minimal and modern design. So, at Paperworld, visitors can be expecting to have a glimpse into the trends of 2018 as well as 2019, while being offered solutions for the workplace of tomorrow. By solving the problems for the office of the future, Paperworld is not only providing a display of elegant products to upgrade the modern workplace but also creating a riff of internationally designed inspiration.

Meet ARCHYI. products for a collaborative and creative workspace

ARCHYI. will be attending this year’s Paperworld in Frankfurt, as one of Bi-Silque’s brands. Within Bi-Silque Group, it was missing a high-end brand that embraced high-quality and exquisite design products. So, ARCHYI. was created in 2016, and now it’s giving its first steps and growing to become a brand reference in minimalistic and sophisticated interior design products.

The brand offers efficient solutions with future-proof visual communication, sound absorbing and collaborative furniture products, for elegant workplaces. As a result, ARCHYI. came up with intelligent collections with clean yet detailed and unique design that will definitely change the way people look to workspace products.

Having this year theme in mind, ARCHYI. will be presenting to Paperworld visitors its products as sophisticated office furniture solutions, responding to the latest Interior Design and architecture trends. Douro White Board, Pico and Giro Tripod Easel are some of the high-quality, elegant and modern products that will be shown at the event.

Sound absorption modular furniture – Sculpo

One of the products in ARCHYI’s showcase item this year is Sculpo, a product with very specific characteristics, such as:

  • Ahead of its time, using PET Technology, Sculpo products are made from eco-friendly materials, offering a ecological sustainability solution within contemporary interior design, since PET Technology is a felt material that doesn’t emit toxins into the air;
  • The felt material used on Sculpo products ensures a light-weighted functionality which allows to create a slim and durable product;
  • It is a product range with free standing dividers, desk screens, wall and ceiling panels to complete any workspace, fostering creative collaboration while creating sub-optimal acoustic environments;
  • Recyclable is the word: to say that there is no waste when it comes to these products is an understatement. Not only the materials are recyclable, but also the product itself;
  • This rage of product is designed to have minimalist shapes, giving an elegant, modern and efficient touch to the office space.

This Sculpo collection responds to the need for privacy and collaboration between employees, by reducing unwanted noise, with countless layouts, uses and combinations, for all types of interiors. Many researches prove that sound absorbent products in workspaces enhance concentration, productivity as well as physical and psychological well-being.

Future Office trends and ARCHYI. are waiting for you at Paperworld

“The Future Office” trends forill be all about sophisticated, elegant design and high-quality, innovative products. So this year Paperworld will be the perfect event for you to get to know all of the solutions the market will be looking for. Join ARCHYI  on January 27 th -30 th 2018 and get to know all of our best products, designed to be flexible and mobile, made from the best high-quality materials and to give a fresh style to the office. ARCHYI will be expecting you in Hall 3.0 at Stand C14.


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