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Reduce Your Footprint with a Green Upgrade

With a new year often comes the desire to upgrade our lifestyle. Maybe your office is in need of a makeover and maybe it’s not. Regardless, if your office isn’t up to date with eco-friendly products, it is probably about time you upgraded. Go on, go through the old and outdated furniture and supplies. Don’t throw them away! That would just be wasteful.

There are plenty of schools and non-profit organizations that would gladly take the donation and even though it may seem costly now, an eco-conscious remodel will actually save money and the environment! Here are just a few ideas to get your office into the Green Zone:

Reduce Paper Waste in the Office


Around the office, it is easy to get in the habit of printing more copies than you might need – just in case someone loses one or spills coffee on it. A way to replace this mindset is to replace your way of distributing information. Get creative and you’ll be able to find a bunch of ways to save paper.

Go Digital

We are trained to check our emails every hour – so why not send memos via digital mail. Have a digital chat instead of a phone chat and you will have all of your minutes noted in the thread for future reference.

Print Only Once

For visual learners or constant reminding, some offices choose to display their weekly or daily memo in an area with high foot-traffic like the break room or near the elevator. To display these memos properly and avoid wear and tear, post the one sheet of paper in a lockable display board. This innovative memo distribution contributes to zero waste, eliminates missing memos, and offers no excuses about receiving the information (often associated with digital glitches).

Reuse Until It’s Abused

An easy way to eliminate the creation of more office waste is incorporating reusable, dry-erase signs. Some people might still be attached to their etched desk sign, but when it comes to spreading the Green Initiative, replacing signs with dry-erase signs will dramatically decrease paper waste. When you need to quickly label different conference room doors, set up informative signs to direct people or create placeholders for a meeting, little reusable signs are helpful to have on hand!

On the Go

When you are on the go, it can be convenient to pick up some coffee to go rather than make it in your own mug. The to-go cups have a spill-proof lid and the vessel is disposable so there is no need to hold on to it or keep track of it. Disposable cups are not the optimal option for saving the planet, but investing in an insulated reusable coffee tumbler is a step in the right direction. Like coffee on-the- go, keep in mind that your eco-friendly initiative doesn’t have to stop at the elevator of the office. Investing in portable tools that are sustainable and durable will expand your environmentally-conscious reach beyond the workplace. Mobility is important for impromptu meetings, on-the- road conferences and business travel, but often involves a lot of one-time use items for convenience. Just a few changes can greatly impact your carbon footprint on the road.

Mobile Whiteboards

They can be used for anything! They work well as a diverse sign that is changeable from meeting to meeting. For ideas and charts, whiteboards make a great visual aid tool or storyboard. And when it is made from 85% recycled aluminum and e3 steel, you are impressing Mother Earth twice over.

Douro Mobile Easel

Portable Easel

The whiteboard is for on the table visuals, but if you need a free-standing display, the PICO portable easel does the job well with a few perks. First of all, it’s light and conveniently collapses with leather bound straps and a built-in carrying handle. Easy to tote and set up, this easel is reusable from meetings to conferences.

Earth-It Workshop Board

For conferences, interactive meetings and workshops, a large presenting board can be useful when you have a lot of information to convey. Instead of using a cardboard setup or passing out a large amount of copies, stick with the greener choice and haul in a reusable Workshop Board. For portability, you will want the lightest on the market – making it easy to carry and setup. And, if you are already concerned enough of the environment by choosing this method, go ahead and make sure your workshop board is an Earth-it product, all of which are made with post-consumer recycled materials and are certified by Cradle to Cradle and EU Eco label.

So, grab that new coffee tumbler and your eco-friendly products and get on the road!


Now, that you have some essential eco-friendly tools, you might need to bring along some accessories. Recycled, earth-loving dry erase equipment is available to add to the mix. Upgrade your dry-erase markers, erasers, cleaners with their environmentally friendly counterparts. That’s not all either – take the green-initiative challenge and try to find how many other products around the office you can replace with its greener alternative!


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