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Ultra-Clear White Glass is a special low-iron and low-lead glass formula that provides new dimensions through clarity, brilliance, and neutrality. A new type of premium glass that enables high performance – glass is the ultimate writing surface, and Ultra-clear white glass is the smoothest surface available to write on- and sophisticated look – with its glittering and crystal-like translucence. That is why it is the perfect material for the workspace designer that values high-end design solutions as much as product performance.

Sculpo collection is composed out of modern elegant eco-friendly office screens with simple shapes yet strong lines that definitely brings a contemporary, bold design touch to any work environment. A light-weighted, high-performance acoustic panel system made with frameless PET partitions which allow for countless layouts and multiple uses inside the office workspace.  Due to its clean design and simple assembly methods, Sculpo stands out for its versatility, configuration, and smart modularity.