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The Connection Between Office Design and Productivity

The working environment can do more for an organisation than you realise. The average full-time employee works 40 hours per week. So, it’s important that their place of work is as inspiring and pleasant to be in as possible. An appealing office can have a massive impact on the relationships between co-workers and managers.

Employees who like their office environment are 31% more likely to be satisfied in their job, according to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Needless to say, this impacts productivity. As stated in a Pots Planters & More survey, people who brand their work furniture as “bad” are three times more prone to consider their office environment less productive, and twice as likely to find it “depressing.”

But how can you create a stimulating and captivating work environment?

Design affects experience, encourages collaboration, and creates attachment. The workplace needs to promote productivity and creativity, and its design should reflect that. You don’t have to compromise sleek, high-end décor while setting up the office space.

The office layout plays a role in facilitating communication among employees. As hybrid work evolves, it’s time to reconsider the ways we connect with one another. Refreshing exchanges are more inclined to happen when the senses are fully engaged.

Arrange the workspace to make an impression and cultivate inspiration. Put it together in a more compelling way by exploring new styles of visual communication. More screen time can motivate impactful connections between data, content, and people.

High-end design meets technology

Design and technology can be powerful allies. Make a smooth integration of visual communication tools into existing spaces. The way co-workers interact and connect with each other has reached new heights. Employees may carry out their tasks effectively with tech resources while enjoying pleasing and inspirational surroundings.

This is how ARCHYI.’s products make a difference. They turn any room into a distinguished, visually striking space. And even the most stylish of design options can be functional. With this in mind, we’ve conceived two – soon to be available – models that promote and encourage teamwork through integrated technology.

Take, for instance, the LCD Stand Sculpo. Elegant and eco-friendly, with a PET panel with sound-absorbing properties and a push-pin surface. It’s simple to connect a screen with the VESA bracket, and the hidden cables avoid damage to wiring installation. Sturdy but mobile structure, easy to move around.

There’s also the LCD Stand Angolo. A sophisticated and durable option made from high-quality materials. Includes a metal tray to hold other accessories, as well as an adjustable camera support. The LCD is easy to install due to the embedded VESA bracket, while the rear leg conceales cables. It’s a standout piece in the office or even at home.

Traditional office spaces no longer answer today’s business challenges. Modular, adaptable workplaces do. Flexible-use spaces make it easier to adapt and meet the workers’ needs. So, organise new layouts and manage workspaces to create a welcoming feel with high-end items.

An appealing working environment improves employees’ morale. Small tweaks to office design or décor help increase job satisfaction and productivity. Companies that understand this will stay ahead of the competition to attract and keep talent in a shrinking labor force. Happy workers, happy customers, happy businesses.

For other inspiring workspace design solutions, visit our website.

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