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What is the Ideal Workplace Like? How to Design Motivating and Collaborative Workspaces

We all have different ideas of what our ideal workplace would be like. We are all different. For my friend Ana, the ideal workplace would be covered of hello kitty items and if it would have to be a pink overload, for my friend Nuno if there were a couple of star wars props everything would be perfect…

But one thing we all know is that beyond props and décor, there are many other details that truly make a difference and are commonly recognized as essential in a healthy, collaborative workspace.

A recent (and interesting) survey implemented by Quantum Workplace, a company specialized in employee engagement, where respondents were presented with the following question: “What three words best describe your ideal work environment?” the results, were not that surprising. Just see for yourself the top 20 words ranked by how frequently they were mentioned and their average rank order:


1. Fun
2. Challenging 
3. Friendly
4. Engaging
5. Rewarding
7. Flexible



8. Supportive
9. Exciting
11. Family
12. Professional
13. Busy
14. Fast-paced



15. Innovative
17. Motivating
18. Positive
19. Comfortable
20. Integrity


Looking closely at this list, there are perhaps some characteristics that you probably do not consider relevant concerning a workplace.  But there are many with which I am certain we all agree.

Collaborative, fun, comfortable-motivating-workspaces

Fun and Friendly, Supportive and Caring, almost like Family

A workplace where people can be themselves and bring a little bit of themselves not only to their work but also to the workspace is an environment where people feel valued, independent and as part of a team. And this feeling of belonging will be increasingly more important than ever, now that other recent studies show that even millennials are changing the way they perceive work – office perks and eccentric benefits are no longer the most effective way to motivate an employee. Making that employee feel valued as an individual, with a relevant role inside of the team and the work-family is the ultimate reward.

The organization of our dreams does not deceive, distort, or spin. It recognizes that in the age of Social Media and WikiLeaks, we’re better off telling people the truth before someone else does. It respects its employees’ need to know what’s really going on so that they can do their jobs, particularly in volatile environments where it is really hard to keep everyone aligned.

Comfortable -Personal- home-like-office

Bringing Home to the Office: Positivity, Comfort, and Motivation

Allowing people to bring pieces of their personal life to the office helps to create spaces where they feel more comfortable and at ease, where positive, motivational vibes flow.

Positive emotions or energy are contagious. So, it’s important to design and implement a place and a culture where all employees can enjoy working together and individually. Where relationships and social interactions fostered by the right conditions and attitudes yields collaboration and team spirit.

Clean, wide open spaces with plenty of natural light, details of comfort and flexible layouts usually do the trick. And colorful, vibrant and energizing color schemes naturally positives any place.


Innovating will always be exciting and motivating

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel motivated, excited about the work you are doing?

We know that not all jobs can be the ultimate adventure and that no one feels excited about their work 24/7. We just need to bear in mind that every job is important to make a business grow and succeed.  And we can transform the simplest of tasks in an existing goal or challenge. It is all a matter of perspective and how people propose themselves to carry out their assignments. Use a different and fun exercise to get your message to your colleagues, use different supports, different language, and tone to surprise and catch your customers’ attention. Use special KUDO’s to give positive feedback and reinforcement to teams and co-workers. Schedule brainstorming games. Be original, be bold and daring, innovating even in the small initiatives. Employers should think not about how much value to extract from their workers but about how much value they are able to instill in them.

Collaborative and Flexible workplace for excellent teamwork

The best collaboration workspaces are either configured to provide all types of space options in fixed ways or that can be quickly reconfigured simply by drawing curtains, rearranging furniture, moving wall, partitions and freestanding dividers.

Open designs such as these encourage casual collisions among people who might never normally run into each other. These serendipitous moments are often the catalyst for great ideas.

Layout, furniture, and equipment should be comfortable and conducive to the type of collaboration expected. For example, brainstorming areas are often filled with sofas, comfortable chairs, plenty of whiteboards or dry erase writable surfaces, laptop tables, and corkboards, etc.


Walls and all types of writable surfaces become the base for creativity. Some companies have replaced their walls and desks with frameless white or glass boards. Or even invested in dry erase furniture, cabinets, and desks with writable surfaces. This makes it easy to capture thoughts and ideas on the nearest available surface, fostering spontaneous discussions or facilitating moments where people deliberately gather into a conversation and everyone in the workspace can perceive what’s going on and contribute to those ideas, pose questions, challenge assumptions, and offer solutions.

Best-in-class team collaboration needs this type of variety and flexibility. And the best way to achieve and assure a collaborative workspace is to invest in collaborative workspace design solutions.

ARCHYI. ‘s mission and focus both is to develop solutions that offer all the ingredients that collaborative workspaces need to have to really be efficient and collaborative, enhancing teamwork with each distinctive feature. So make sure to check our portfolio out.


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