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Work Space Design Solutions for the New Culture Of Work @ ORGATEC 2018

New work culture concepts have been rising and influencing the way we perceive our work spaces, and ORGATEC 2018 is focusing on showing interior architects, designers, other interested professionals and visitors from all over the world how innovative, intelligent work space design solutions can promote company culture and make shared successes possible.

“But how can the same space provide meeting venues and still offer employees individual quiet zones where they can concentrate on demanding tasks? Can a lounge corner stimulate communication and networking? Does furniture that promotes outstanding, creative approaches exist?” This is what ORGATEC 2018 organization is proposing to show its visitors. With the theme of culture@ work, the trade show will explore “the interplay between working environments and work culture”, presenting new visions of work.

Among the visionary space and interiors concepts and innovative technologies that are driving forward new forms of cooperation and inspiring new ideas, ARCHYI.’s collaborative workspace design solutions and concepts will help immerse visitors in the world of work of tomorrow and beyond!


Inspirational Spaces for the Modern Worker

“In future, we will not only need a workstation in the office, but also a flexible, multifunctional environment that allows creativity space to thrive, connects individualists and allows teams to perform at their best.”

A collaborative flexible, multi-functional work space is a place where professionals can work together and feel comfortable sharing ideas. Whether you’re starting out your business or trying to reach a new level, providing the right environment and workplace perks is already a great opportunity to boost your company’s morale, creativity – thus innovation – , and productivity levels: half away to improve your business overall.


Transforming the workspace: creating inspirational spaces

The new culture of work requires some special care. Regardless of the industry, the open and multi functional spaces need to offer more personal autonomy and creativity. ORGATEC selected the concept of ‘self-determined’ as the key to the future of work. This means flexible knowledge workers should encounter hardly any boundaries: creativity can pop up anywhere and anytime. And you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to listen the ‘eureka’ moment of your employees. Big ideas need big spaces. A whole writable wall can be a great solution to keep the professionals motivated and focused, whether they’re alone or in the middle of a brainstorm. Go big or, if you prefer, try to create inspirational patterns with different sizes of frameless whiteboards, or even minimalist designed fabric or cork noticeboards. Don’t be afraid to take some risks.

whole whiteboard writable wall Tile Frameless Dry Erase

In Cologne, from 23 to 27 October you will have the opportunity to experience intelligently designed solutions for inspirational spaces fit for the new culture of work in ARCHYI.’s stand D54 at Halle 11.2.

One of the highlights of ARCHYI.’s brand collections  for 2018 is precisely ALTO’s new editions, from Scrita Inspiration, offering the possibility to get an even more personalized space… Now you can actually create the whiteboard/notice board wall of your chosen size and layout.

Your office’s decor should be inspiring, reflect the company’s culture and bring it to life without forgetting the functioning infrastructure. Keep it simple and don´t forget that it’s all in details. So select wisely the furniture and all the tiny interior details that will represent your business. Visiting Orgatec is always a great way to catch a lot of insights on how to create and design motivating and collaborative workspaces.


Bringing comfort in with high performance, eco-friendly, beautifully textured materials

At a time when ecological concerns are high, it’s important to choose with which material your brand wants to work with.

Wood is one of the finest natural materials conveying warm, rich and comfortable details to any design. Nevertheless, when it comes to allying design to ecological purposes, cork stands out as the number one sustainable raw material. Besides its thermal properties, cork is a great acoustic and anti-vibration insulation material.  ARCHYI. will show in ORGATEC some of the solutions the brand has developed with cork.  They all have the advantage of being pieces designed to allow for the possibility of covering and insulating entire walls. As its beautiful natural texture is repeated, the material is easy to cut, and the complex natural colour pallet of this material allows it to be easily coordinated with a huge range of tones, so you can get completely creative in your application.

cork accoustic walls, panels eco-friendly minimalist design

Cork provides more comfort to spaces due to its thermal and acoustic properties and is ideal for dynamic buzzy collaborative workspaces, where constant parallel conversations should be encourage to be happening simultaneously. One of the main disadvantages of sharing the workspace with many people is the unavoidable noise.  So acoustic solutions – like applying cork in office’s walls or designing your office layout with minimalism sound absorbing dividers and panels – that also allows employees to use creatively and smartly those same surfaces to note and share information they find relevant or to express themselves adding some personal decor touches, are definitely ideal for potentiating the new culture of work! ARCHYI.’s acoustic solutions  also include another high performance, eco-friendly, beautifully textured material option. Best known as the clear plastic, PET is recognized as a safe, non-toxic and strong material that is 100 % recyclable. It’s the most widely recycled plastic in the world, and ARCHYI. couldn’t miss the opportunity to transform it into intelligent designed acoustic solutions  that not only help you divide and define spaces while reducing the noise, but, at the same time, improve  your office visual layout, bringing comfort and individual personal touches in.

PET fibers accoustic dividers, panels eco-friendly minimalist design

Get inspired with Orgatec 2018 Special Exhibitions

Digitalisation, globalisation, demography and changing values are radically altering our surroundings and thus also the foundations of work. While visiting ORGATEC, you will have the opportunity to see the special exhibition at PLANT 10.1 in Hall 10.1 where seven scenarios will demonstrate how modern working culture is evolving: Cooperative Space, a co-working space for those needing to focus on work;  Living Room for informal meetings; Mini Home for thinking independently and focusing on solo work; Hochsitz, or lookout tower, for finding new perspectives on current challenges; Playground for play, movement, and creative activity; Bühne, or curtain-up, for lively talks and interaction; DenkRaum, or thinking space, for brainstorming and new ideas.

Counting on 56 000 visitors and 671 exhibitors in 2016, ORGATEC is a must- go event for any one interested in solutions for workspaces that meet the new visions of work. There, you’ll find leading brands, retailers, wholesalers and buyers from all over the world. It is a unique opportunity to get inspired by presentations from renowned speakers and in touch with the latest global trends and international best practice solutions for tomorrow’s working world.



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