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Zoning Furniture: Dividing spaces for an optimal comfort

Most people don’t think about zoning when they’re shopping for workspace furniture, but it can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. Zoning is the process of dividing a space into distinct areas, each with its own purpose. For example, in the office, you might have a dedicated area for your computer, another area for writing, and a third area for meetings and phone calls.

This is where zoning furniture comes in.

Zoning furniture can be used to create flexible spaces and versatile areas giving people the freedom to choose what makes them feel well and comfortable. Reconfigurable and adaptable furniture is a key trend and is here to stay.

ARCHYI. Sculpo Collection offers options to create aesthetic and eco-friendly solutions that can be used at home, office or any other spaces. There are lots of factors to consider when identifying and creating zones, from things like the acoustic requirements, functionality, comfort, colors, light, giving people what they need.
Today’s modern work environment includes many open office spaces which create significant challenges in workspace noise and human capital management. It is well studied that sound absorbent products in workspaces enhance concentration, productivity as well as both physical and psychological well-being. Serving acoustic and aesthetic purposes, these products will ensure some privacy in any dynamic work environment. Through great design, our products follow the ultimate interior design trends, fostering creative collaboration while creating sub-optimal acoustic environments. The frameless PET panel is a lightweight and eco-friendly product, that allow for countless layouts and uses.

Desk dividers, free-standing screens, modular and wall or hanging acoustic panels and our latest Villa and TV stand, will create a balanced and pleasing layout that reduces unwanted noise in all types of interiors.

Why not incorporate Villa in a Museum or a library? In a Shopping Center, for an instant meeting, or just to have some privacy while doing something that you need? Why not use Modular Sculpo to create a quick photo shooting session? Or use it in the office combined with desk dividers and wall panels?

Wall panels can be easily installed and displayed as a single tile, as a composition with uniform surface, or using different combinations and patterns, at home, office, or any other spaces.

Zoning can be a very useful practice and furniture can be placed strategically to respond to needs such as flexibility, mobility, privacy or collaboration.Zoning in the office can be a great way to increase productivity and decrease distractions. By designating areas for specific tasks, employees can stay focused on their work and avoid distractions from other areas of the office. With the right furniture and layout, you can create a workspace that is both comfortable and efficient, making it easier to get your work done.

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